Top 10 favorite products and makeup look of the week 8


Hi everyone!

These are my favorite products of the week. I didn’t experiment much with lip colors, used products which have already been featured in the previous week’s Top 10 list..

1. Avon naturals ‘Wild apple and grape’ hand and body lotion


Avon naturals 'Wild apple and grape' hand and body lotion
Avon naturals 'Wild apple and grape' hand and body lotion




2. Avon neon nail enamel ‘Coral Beat’


Avon neon nail enamel 'Coral Beat'
Avon neon nail enamel 'Coral Beat'


3. Bourjois ombre stretch eye shadow ‘Bleu nuit irise’


Bourjois ombre stretch eye shadow 'Bleu nuit irise'
Bourjois ombre stretch eye shadow 'Bleu nuit irise'


4. Chambor Dazzle liner pencil ‘Grey’


Chambor Dazzle liner pencil 'Grey'
Chambor Dazzle liner pencil 'Grey'


5. Colorbar star gloss ‘Timid Apricot


Colorbar star gloss 'Timid Apricot
Colorbar star gloss 'Timid Apricot


6. Lakme fruit blast face wash ‘Citrus Rain’


Lakme fruit blast face wash 'Citrus Rain'
Lakme fruit blast face wash 'Citrus Rain'


7. MAC Cream color base ‘Improper Copper’


MAC Cream color base 'Improper Copper'
MAC Cream color base 'Improper Copper'


8. Maybelline color sensational lip liner ‘Choco Pop’


Maybelline color sensational lip liner 'Choco Pop'
Maybelline color sensational lip liner 'Choco Pop'


9. Maybelline drama gel liner


Maybelline drama gel liner
Maybelline drama gel liner


10. Oriflame powershine lipstick ‘Trendy Berry’


Oriflame powershine lipstick 'Trendy Berry'
Oriflame powershine lipstick 'Trendy Berry'


Favorite look of the week :

Blue smokey eyes with berry brown lips 

Blue smokey eyes with berry brown lips FOTD
Blue smokey eyes with berry brown lips FOTD


See complete breakdown of the look HERE.

What were your favorite products and looks from last week? 




  1. I have the chocopop lipstick…its much lighter…wearing it a lot these days. What is the oriflame lipstick like? Have you reviewed it here?

    1. I have to check out the choco pop lipstick..I love the lip liner, wear it with sheer pink gloss. The Oriflame lipstick was picked up on impulse and not worn cos it has shimmer and I don’t like shimmer but I just tried it yesterday and it looks so pretty. Will swatch it soon (haven’t reviewed it yet). Its a rosy pink shade..almost berry with fine sparkles which are not gritty but visible nonetheless, actually looks quite good!!

      1. It is light, almost mlbb for me, but frosted. Quite a lot of people like it on me. look forward to the oriflame review 🙂

        1. Ohh frosted..I may not like it so much then, I prefer glossy or matte though Trendy Berry being an exception (Though I apply clear gloss over that too!)

  2. Oh I was also about to ask about Timid apricot 😀
    Swatches ? I have this colorbar star shine gloss in ‘tiramisu’ ,its a shade darker than this :-))

    1. Ohh..I think I’ve seen Tiramisu on IMBB. Timid Apricot is creating quite a stir..:D sorry to disappoint u guys but its clear gloss, not idea why that hint of peach in the color! I use it over my drying lipsticks like Avon simply pretty ones!

      1. Ohhh 🙁
        I think I have seen it at the counter..I remember seeing a peach gloss which suddenly turned clear when I swatched it on hand :X-P:
        Its the same one I think :laugh:

        1. Must be this one Ritika! It good for topping over drying lipsticks though not as long staying as NYX Sheer gloss! It smells very nice 😀

    1. Thanks Laksh! Trendy Berry is very rosy pink on me, was apprehensive abt the sparkle but like it now that I’ve tried it!

  3. u know burnt seinna blush and louisiana lipstick both things were out of stock :'(

    but i saw mac style frost was quite peach… mac peaches is discontinued or what?

    i wanna see wht shade is dat oriflame lippie…

    i love that bourjois shadow to death! but refrain from buying wondering how much uage could i bring outa it :-/

    1. Aww thats too bad! I’ve seen MAC Peaches in Andheri Shopper’s stop store (they actually had 2 pieces of Siahi too as of 2 weeks back). I’ll swatch the Oriflame lipstick soon..its a very pretty rosy pink..not very pigmented, more on the sheer/balmy side but the sparkle is so pretty- I can’t believe I’m saying this cos I normally hate sparkle in my lip colors!!

    2. Ohh and the Bourjois e/s is not really worth creases very soon! I’ve not tried it over Painterly though..just over BeYu primer.

    1. Its really good Rekha, that bottle pictured is finished! I’ve ordered another one of those. Smells awesome and moisturizes well too. Better than the hand cream 😛

    2. m currently using this lotion for me n my 4 yr old baby girl. such a sweet fragranced lotion i shud say. almost getting over. after that i will try the water lilly. already tried papaya. and i am definitely not going to miss this lotion with or without offers

      1. Hey

        Herez my shopping list…


        1. Travel Brush Kit – Has a minature versions of Blusher, eye shadow applicator, slanted brush and the lip brush. I think its a neat collection with the required essentials for someone on the go. Got it at 50%

        2. Brushes – Foundation, eye shadow blender, blusher and the eyeshadow applicator. Now i can try all those smoky eyes on a different level… 😀 all these for 20% discount

        3. Eye shadows(Mineral collection) – molten bronze,bronzed amber, deep jade and vivid amethyst. Lovely shades, just picked thats was around. Got them at 50%

        4. Cheeck Colors (Mineral collection) – golden terracotta and pink quartz. Again 50%

        5. Moisture foundation with SPF at 20% discount

        6. Brilliance powder with gold shimmer again at 20% discount. This one my daughter loved when SA said it is multipurpose and applied on my daughter’s hair…n my lil one went gaga….

        7. Eye Shadows – starlight (half n half of simmery siler and black), Amethyst, two shades of purple.

        8. Eye Definers – Glowing Amethyst and Shimmering steel.

        9. Lip Liner – Mahagony

        10. Lipstick shade 63

        11. Last and the best, got a Almond oil cuticle treatment. heard good things abt this product, waiting to see the result.

        Now that was my TBS. Now the rest,

        12. Lakme – Midnight Moon shimmery liner

        13. Lakme – Glide on eye color in smoky green…and awesome color.

        14. Lakme – 9 to 5 defining eyeliner in Sapphire

        15. Lakme 9 to 5 intense shine eyeliner in smoky grey, Brown shimmer and Olive

        16. Picked some lovely shadow artist sticks in glimmer Green and Astral Blue.

        17. Revlon – 007 smoky crayon.

        phewwww….all in a day’s work. Now whats remaining is that i put all these to use ASAP…..

        1. OMG!! Awesome haul!! I’ve to go back and read through it again! I’m gonna have a look at those mineral eye shadows and cheek colors..they sound good! You can now give another try at smokey eyes 🙂 Let me know how they turn out 🙂

  4. Hey Ankita I have tagged u in my blog 😀 Do check it out 🙂

  5. Chambor Dazzle liner pencil ‘Grey’, Lakme fruit blast face wash ‘Citrus Rain’, Maybelline color sensational lip liner ‘Choco Pop’, Oriflame powershine lipstick ‘Trendy Berry’…♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  6. hey i just got the avon lotion smells divine , my fav products will have to estee lauder tinted moisturizer strongly recommended but extremely expensive 🙁 and Redken Smooth Down shampoo and conditioner (life saver in this humid weather )

    1. The Avon lotion does smell lovely..! :)) The papaya soymilk one also smells nice..much milder but quite pleasant. How much is the Estee Lauder tinted moisturizer for? Does it suit oily skin?

      1. its about 3000 bucks , not sure if it would suit oily skin though , the full name for the product is daywear sheer tint release , it smells like cucumbers really fresh and summery 🙂 try it in the store to see how it feels on ur skin ! i actually went to pick something else from estee , the SA tried this on me just like that and i fell in love with the way my skin looked (my skin looks horrible on a normal day by the way )

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