Fun Saturdays Vol.6 : 5 Random Things about me


Happy Weekend everyone!

It was a tiring week and this weekend is such a relief! I haven’t been feeling so well so plan to rest as I have something really exciting coming up next week (will announce soon!) which will be quite hectic as well. Taking a break from makeup today, lets talk about our favorite sweet dishes, sitcoms and more!

1. Favorite Indian sweet dish ?

Thats a difficult one but I think I’ll go with Rasmalai!






2. Favorite Sitcom?

Friends! I’ve watched the entire series countless times! I also like The Office and The Big Bang Theory.


Favorite sitcom - Friends
Favorite sitcom – Friends


3. Breakfast today?

I had Methi Parantha with black sprouted chane(black gram). These Frozen paranthas are really handy when you don’t feel like cooking and just require heating on a tawa. These taste nice too.


Breakfast - Chane and Methi Parantha
Breakfast – Chane and Methi Parantha


4. Last vacation you took?

Last December with my family, we went to Singapore and Malaysia and it was a lot of fun!




5. Tea or Coffee?

Neither on a daily basis! But if I had to pick one, I’d take a coffee. I don’t like the taste of regular tea. I do like a cup of green tea or a lemon tea occasionally. Coffee just makes my water retention worse and even though I love it, I only take it once in a few days.




[note color=”#FFE4C4″]I tag all of you to answer the following 5 questions!

1. Favorite Indian sweet dish ?

2. Favorite Sitcom?

3. Breakfast today?

4. Last vacation you took?

5. Tea or Coffee?

I look forward to reading your answers!! [/note]

Disclaimer : I only own the watermarked images. The rest have been taken from Google Images.


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  1. Favourite indian sweet:motichur ladoo
    favourite sitcom:LOST
    Breakfast today:aah as usual boring cornflakes[K kellogs]
    last vacation i took:to my hometown kerala…backwaters…
    Tea or coffee?:am a complete coffee addict even i have water retention problem and its frustrating but love the south indian filter coffee…

    and i would like to give u a compliment…i have been reading your blog for quite some months and i must say you are a very pretty girl i mean aboslutely stunning i wish i had a skin llike you!sheeesh!if i was a guy i would be hitting on you…

    1. Thank u so much Priyanka! 🙂 My skin looks good cos I use good foundations and other things but it has improved a lot in the past year thanks to a good skin care routine!

  2. 1. Fav Sweet: I dislike sweets but however don’t mind a gulab jamun once in blue moon so thats it
    2. Fav sitcom: The Big Bang Theory, ‘Caroline in the city’ (though it was stopped kinda midway 🙁 and lately ‘New Girl’
    3. Breakfast today: Cold Coffee & Maggi…I was craving for Maggi for past couple of days (I restrict it to 1-2 times in 3-4 months as its unhealthy) and when I opened the shelf to take out upama…sighted the Maggi packet and couldn’t resist
    4. Last vacation- was 1 yr 3 months back to HongKong….been busy changing cities and my hubby changing job so not been able to go this yr 🙁
    5. Coffee- can’t wake up without a glassful of strong hot or cold coffee but restrict to just that one glass in the morning come what may

  3. 1. Favorite Indian sweet dish ? – Bengali sweets and these days loving malai kulfi!!
    2. Favorite Sitcom? – Hands down FRIENDS..have watched it so many times..its a great stress buster!
    3. Breakfast today? – skipped today 🙁
    4. Last vacation you took? – I honestly cant remember..its actually been almost 2 yrs now i havent taken a long vacation..though 1 or 2 days trips are always there
    5. Tea or Coffee? – I too dont take both on daily basis..but i do love coffee a lot but avoid it as it increases acidity

  4. 1. Favorite Indian sweet dish ? Rasmalai, jalebi with rabdi, mishti dahi and I can go on 😀

    2. Favorite Sitcom? i would go with full house

    3. Breakfast today? poha and cornflakes with boiled egg

    4. Last vacation you took? chitkul, the last village before the tibetian border. its in himachal.

    5. Tea or Coffee? coffee anytime!!! especially indian filter coffee!!

  5. 1. Favorite Indian sweet dish ? rice kheer with badam n pista
    2. Favorite Sitcom?can’t really think of one..don;t really like watching them 😛
    3. Breakfast today? cereal and milk
    4. Last vacation you took? december to the usa
    5. Tea or Coffee? english tea

  6. 1. Favorite Indian sweet dish ? – Jalebiiiiii

    2. Favorite Sitcom? – How I met your mother

    3. Breakfast today? – None, had roza 🙂

    4. Last vacation you took? – With family last year same month, to a hill station near the town

    5. Tea or Coffee? – Hard core tea person, 3-4 cups per day, I know its not good for health, but can’t help at work 🙁

  7. fav sweet…icecream with cake
    sitcom..FRIENDS FRIENDS FRIENDS….seen countless times.. know the dialogues… 🙂 what an awesome show….
    Breakfast…Nothing.. Fasting.. 🙂
    Vacation: In distant memory… been too long
    Coffeee… flavored.. but not a coffee or tea addict… its really bad for you…love the various Nestle flavors..
    your blog is one of the top 5 blogs in India for the brilliant quality and the beautiful pics , layout and consistency… 🙂

  8. We have quite a bit in common. Black chana is my favourite ..from chana batata to chaat. to Lebanese soup i love it it and miss it if i don’t have it atleast once in 15 days.And rasmalai and chamchams are also my favourite . i have spoilt liters of milk getting rasgollas ready for rasmalais. You are extremely talented and i hope you get lucky and do as well as your talents merits !

  9. Fav sweet:- i don’t have a sweet tOoth. I simply run away from sweets!!
    Sitcom:- make it or break it( love to see the gymnastics act) new girl
    B’fast:- oats with curds , pudhina green chilly ginger chutney, and a dash of lime.. I make it into a drinking consistency.
    Vacation:- wayanadu , for my b’day last week. Beautiful lush green place.
    Coffee or tea:- tea anyday. I hate coffee and it’s taste. But since the time I started doing pranayamam and kriya( a form of breathing) exercise I have given up on tea also. So it’s plain milk for me!!!
    Ankita, this was fun and I’ve never done this on a blog 🙂

  10. 1. Favorite Indian sweet dish ?: Gulab jamun.

    2. Favorite Sitcom?: Frasier and Married with Children.

    3. Breakfast today?: A boiled egg and buttered toast.

    4. Last vacation you took?: Gosh, I don’t even remember! I’m so poor nowadays, I hardly get to go on vacation.

    5. Tea or Coffee?: I love teas. I like trying the different kinds. I only drink coffee with breakast.

  11. I loved today’s post, it was so light and edgy. Rasmalai is my fav sweet esp with the slivered pistas on top,so delish! I also like milk cake which my hostel roomie used to get for me when we were studying in college, nothing like gorgeous north indian sweets.yummy!

    i love watching big bang, used to see friends and desperate housewives too.

    I had idli with a red chutney, that is the usual sunday breakfast.

    last vacation I took was to delhi, rishikesh.It was nice.

    I love lemon tea and just had it today 🙂 Generally, i don’t drink tea or coffee, but these days to lose some weight, I have green tea.

  12. 1. Favorite Indian sweet dish ?: Rasgullas and kesar pedhas 🙂

    2. Favorite Sitcom?: How i met ur Mother and Modern family…

    3. Breakfast today?: bread butter… i love crispy toasts

    4. Last vacation you took?: U.S. (new york) and fell in live with the city (as it is a cleaner, organized version of Mumbai)

    5. Tea or Coffee?: Tea (Masala wala) any day….

  13. 1. Favorite Indian sweet dish ? – Rossogolla (Yep..Im a Bong!)
    2. Favorite Sitcom? Friends, How I Met Your Mother
    3. Breakfast today? Toast and Omlette
    4. Last vacation you took? This weekend to Digha, a seaside town near Kolkata
    5. Tea or Coffee? Green Tea

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