Product Rave : Clinique Even Better Concealers (Orange Brightener, Honeycomb)


If you’ve seen my videos, you’ve seen me use these countless times! Today I’m talking about my favorite concealer – the Clinique Even Better Concealer. In addition to the concealers, the Even Better range also contains a corrector which is sold under the shade name Orange Brightener which is exclusive to India as far as I know.

Price : Rs 1600 for 3.5 g | US$19.50



Clinique Even Better Concealers (Orange Brightener, Honeycomb)
Clinique Even Better Concealers (Orange Brightener, Honeycomb)


Clinique Even Better Concealers (Orange Brightener, Honeycomb)
Clinique Even Better Concealers (Orange Brightener, Honeycomb)



The packaging and formula ~


The Clinique Even Better concealers come in frosted glass tubs with a silver screw on lid. The packaging is quite sturdy as I’ve dropped it a few times but it doesn’t break or crack. I don’t like dipping my fingers in the tub so I generally use a brush for application or if I want to use my fingers, I use an ear bud to scoop out some product.

The product has a thick, dense creamy consistency and it is very pigmented. A small amount goes a long way and that is what I love about this concealer. The texture is creamy but not greasy or oily and it is easy to blend. It doesn’t get patchy/streaky as you work it into the skin. I like the slight dryness of the formula that doesn’t make it difficult to work but ensures longevity and shine-free coverage. It sets into a satin finish after blending. If you have very dry under-eyes, do use an eye cream before using it (which ideally everyone should!). This is a medium to full coverage concealer but you easily tailor the coverage you need by varying the amount of product applied. I find this formula to be quite long lasting with minimal creasing (everything creases on me after few hours) and no patchiness or greasiness.


Clinique Even Better Concealers (Orange Brightener, Honeycomb)
Clinique Even Better Concealers (Orange Brightener, Honeycomb)



Orange Brightener is an orange tinted corrector that is excellent for neutralizing dark shadows under the eyes. It basically corrects the blue/purple tint of the dark circles making the concealer’s job easier. If you’re familiar with the color wheel, blue lies opposite orange, which makes them complementary colors. To ‘correct’ any color, we use the complementary color for eg – green tint corrects redness and similarly peach/orange tint corrects purple/blue. While a regular concealer masks that part of the skin, a brightener is sheerer and just color corrects and hence needs another base product like concealer or foundation on top. Don’t be worried by how the color looks in the tub, when applied and blended properly, it doesn’t look so weird on the skin! See THIS video to see how I use this.

MAC has an orange corrector too but that is very orange and pigmented – I feel its best for people with severe dark circles.  This one on the other hand, is more peachy instead of a stark orange and is easier to use. I have about moderate dark circles and this does a good job of correcting them. I also use it sometimes in areas of slight pigmentation around the nose and mouth under foundation.

I’d highly recommend this to anyone who finds simply concealer insufficient for brightening and concealing the under eye area. For people with mild pigmentation, you can use this under foundation and skip concealer if you don’t need the extra coverage. For people with heavier dark circles, you need to use this under your concealer to get the benefit of a brightening as well as a concealing (masking) product.



Clinique Even Better Concealers (Orange Brightener, Honeycomb)
Clinique Even Better Concealers (Orange Brightener, Honeycomb)



The shade Honeycomb is the perfect match concealer for my under eyes. It has sufficient ochre tones for my skin tone and because the formula is high coverage, I can skip the corrector while just wearing this. For your reference – I am MAC NC42 in the Pro Longwear concealer. It does a great job of brightening and concealing my under eye but the formula works just as well for spot concealing on my face as well. The dry cream consistency  works well for spots and blemishes as it doesn’t highlight them or make the region greasy. I have used this in my How to Cover up Dark Circles Video Tutorial along with the corrector.


Clinique Even Better Concealers (Orange Brightener, Honeycomb)
Clinique Even Better Concealers (Orange Brightener, Honeycomb)

[note color=”#FFE4C4″]As you can tell from this post, I LOVE these concealers and would definitely recommend it to everyone looking for a medium to full coverage concealer. The formula is easy to blend, very pigmented and long lasting! You can see both of these in action in the Video above. But if you don’t have much pigmentation or dark circles or if you have very dry/ageing skin, you could perhaps look towards a sheerer or a more moisturizing formula.

Have you tried the Clinique Even Better Concealer? Which is your favorite concealer? [/note]



  1. I use the Bobbi Brown corrector at the moment but it’s nice to have more options. I always need a corrector first.

    1. I don't think so Mily. Clinique doesn't retail online in India and while does carry some products, I don't think these would be available.

  2. Hey ankita.. I have a prob. I am using sample of the Orange brightener concealer and it looks too orangey. I follow it up with Clinique’s all about eyes concealer but my under eye area looks a bit muddy and orangey. 🙁 I blend the concealers with fingers. would you pls suggest what to do?

    1. Hey Ishita, have you tried a heavier coverage concealer over this? Try applying a small amount of the orange corrector and pat the concealer/foundation over it instead of sweeping. Perhaps you could visit the Clinique counter and ask the sales staff to demonstrate how to make it work with the products you already have.

    1. Sounds great! I haven't tried the NYX concealers but will keep this in mind if I want to try another concealer in the future.

  3. This looks really creamy. Though I like the Bobbi brown peach corrector, I wish it was a bit more creamier in texture. This sounds like a great alternative!

    1. I haven't tried the BB corrector (though many people seem to like it) but you should definitely give this a try once you're done with that.

  4. This looks like a nice one….I like the packaging as well…and the coverage is also goo…will try this out…. 🙂

  5. nice review dear….i am looking for a eye primer for summers which give my eyeshadow more intensity….can u suggest any which is availabl easily in india?

  6. Great products & review Ankita.. I bought an orange camouflage creme from kryolan which is quite a dark orange…. But my dark circles are not very prominent..Hope it turns out to be good..

  7. Hi Ankita, really love ur videos…where do i get these from?? Tried online none of the indian websites have this…..pls suggest

    1. Hi Chitra, Clinique doesn't retail online in India. You'll need to pick this from a Clinique counter. Its available in Shoppers Stop is all major cities in India.

  8. I have very mild dark circles in a shade or two darker than my skin. I am MAC NC 40 in foundation. When I use concealer on my circles, the area looks very ashy. Greyish, actually. Just doesn’t blend in with the rest of the face. Otherwise if I don’t use concealer, just foundation is enough to give a natural look but I’d like concealer for full coverage. What should I do? Should I be satisfied with the foundation only and not try to achieve porcelain perfection? Would really like your opinion on this.

  9. hiii ankita..:) can u tell me please which shade of clinique concealer is for wheatish skin complexion???..& thanks for the orange is really helpful…..

  10. Sounds like the perfect duo. I have tried the Bobbi brown corrector concealer and hated it, it was too heavy and creased like crazy.

    Gotta give this a try sometime!

  11. Awesome…!!! This has been on my wish list…and currently I am loving my MAC Prolong wear concealer! One day would def get these for sure…

  12. I loved this post of yours.i was actually planning to buy this when you had earlier mentioned it in your bridal kit.reason just got stronger..

  13. This is my fav concealer too. I dont use brightener. Got it in shade ‘suede’ which is slightly samon based & covers my undereye& other blemishes completely. At first, I found it hard to use & they creased badly but when I started using undereye cream, all was well! Too bad it’s not available online. I got it from Bangalore three months back & finished off last week. I have got other concealers but nothing this par!

  14. I just bought both the orange brightener and honeycomb. Your blog has such a strong effect on me I had no idea haha 😛 Thank you so much for the post! <3

    1. I'd recommend using the Clinique Orange Brigthener first and then blending concealer on top. You could try the Clinique Even better concealer or MAC Pro Longwear concealer.

  15. Dear Ankita,

    I’m following ur videos. Ur tutorials are straight forward. It helped me lot.M in USA now. I could not find this Clinique even better concealer – orange brightener ;in Clinique shop itself. advise me where can i get this. & i ve acne prone skin. what type of highlighter is good. Expecting ur reply.

  16. Hi,

    I am trying to find these online in US, but cannot find it. Do you have any international website in mind, that might carry these.


  17. Hi,
    I have little dark area around mouth and I use Mac pro longwear concealer but even after using that there is a greyish cast left…will this corrector help in this?

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