Nyassa Lavender Essential Oil Review + 3 Ways to use Lavender Essential Oil


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When it comes to scents, I love the scent of Lavender and I have been using the Nyassa Lavender Essential Oil for a while now. Essentials Oils are amazing, have multiple benefits and can be used in several ways. In this post I’m going to tell you 3 great ways to use Lavender Oil.

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Nyassa Lavender Essential Oil
Nyassa Lavender Essential Oil


Nyassa Lavender Essential Oil
Nyassa Lavender Essential Oil






Lavender is derived from Latin lavandus, meaning to wash and one of the earliest documented uses is as an addition to bathwater. It is associated with cleanliness and that is why it is commonly used a lot in soaps. Lavender has a herbaceous scent which is mildly floral and sweet. It is a very soothing and calming scent that instantly makes you feel relaxed. Its not overly sweet or overly floral which I really like.

Nyassa Lavender Oil contains 99.5% Lavender Essential Oil and 0.5% Sunflower Oil. It smells absolutely lovely to me and its become a permanent product in my bathroom cabinet. Its a very concentrated oil so I wouldn’t recommend using it in pure form on the face as it may cause little irritation.  The bottle contains 10 ml of product which can last you a long time since only a few drops are needed at a time. The bottle is built well, feels sturdy, the cap screws on tightly and the stopper controls the oil that comes out. If you want to try Lavender Essential Oil, I’d recommend the Nyassa one – its concentrated, pure and has a lovely true lavender scent.


Lavender can be used to treat burns, inflammation, muscle pain and several other skin infections. But its most commonly used as stress buster because it has a calming effect on the body. I like to use this in the following ways –

1. In my bath – I just fill the tub with warm water and add a few drops of Lavender Oil and soak in for about 30 minutes. Love the scent and the warm water soothes my body and calms my mind as well. This is great before bedtime!

2. On my pillow – I either put a few drops on my pillow or on a tissue placed next to my pillow. So when I go to bed, I have a really soothing aroma of lavender around me which is great to calm yourself before sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, do try this out!

3. As a scented spray – I add a few drop of Lavender Oil in a spray bottle filled with water and keep it at my desk. I just this as a room freshener and as a body mist as well. Sometimes I like to spray this on freshly washed clothes as well while they are drying to infuse a hint of Lavender scent!



Nyassa Lavender Essential Oil
Nyassa Lavender Essential Oil



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  1. thanks for first review on essential oils.. I really want to try essential oils in rose or jasmine fragrance… jasmine is my favorite fragrance even in my garden m having jasmine plants & at night it smells amazing vry soothing..

  2. I love using lavender oil on my pillow before going to bed for a good night’s sleep and in the water when I take steam, I also include it in my skincare products.

  3. I really like lavender scent. I use Apricot kernel oil for body massage before bath although it does not smell so great but makes skin supple.

  4. I too like lavender smell and always wanted to know how to use it to optimum level.. I love the idea of scented spray, will definitely try it.. thanks!

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