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Hey everyone!

Its been nearly 4.5 years since I started this blog and over time, I’ve received countless requests from readers and bloggers to be a part of Corallista. Since I’ve started making Youtube videos more often now, I think the time is right to open up the blog to some fresh new voices. Readers from around the world have written to me about their passion and love for all things beauty and I’d love to feature posts from them on this space. So if you would like to contribute to Corallista, drop me a mail at [email protected] with “Guest Post for Corallista” in the subject line. Please do have a look at the guidelines below before sending in your articles. I look forward to hearing from you!



Guest Posts for
Guest Posts for



A few guidelines about writing for Corallista :


1. Writing Style + Content : I would appreciate a clear and to-the-point writing style, whether it be product reviews or how-to/DIY articles. I will not accept any articles written in short hand (dnt wrt lk dis pls!). I will proof read articles before publishing but please check your articles for spelling errors and grammatical mistakes before sending them in. Articles must be at least 600 words. Articles that do not meet the quality standards would not be published. You can submit articles in the following formats : Product Reviews on Makeup/Skincare/Haircare) or DIY/How-To articles relating to beauty.


2. Pictures : Pictures should be clear and shot in plenty of light. I would recommend shooting with a light background and in natural light, opposite a large window. You don’t need a DSLR or expensive camera, a simple point and shoot camera or smartphone works. But the pictures should be clear and sharp. Images must be at least 660 pixels wide and each article must have at least 3 images.


3. Compensation : Payment will be on per article basis (Rs 200 for each published article ; equivalent amount in other currencies). Payment for Indian residents will be via NEFT and for NRIs via Paypal. Payment will be made at the end of each month.


4. Lastly, please do not copy or plagiarise content from other blogs or websites. The content should be 100% original. I am not looking for generic articles with content copy pasted from different sources. I would like to hear about your genuine experiences with products and beauty stories that you’d want to share. The content submitted will be checked on Copyscape.



If you have any queries, drop me a comment below or write to me at [email protected]




  1. Omg! This is the BEST NEWS that I’ve heard! Ur undoubtedly my favourite blogger and now this opportunity!! I’m soooo excited! Emailing u right away 😀

  2. Yay…i'm quite excited for this venture..have mailed you already..well i kept it short and precise..was i supose to give personal details?

  3. Hi Ankita. This is an excellent news. Great opportunity.
    I have been following you silently since last one and a half year before I started writing comment a few days back. Thank you so much for your reply.

  4. This is such a great news! Your readers will be able to share the products/DIY’s which they like 🙂 Hope the quality reviews which you gave remain intact 🙂

  5. hi,ankita ….this is great news…please please upload full face photos for face products,lipstick etc….your reviews and full face photos have been very useful in judging how the product will look on me…

  6. Hi… is there a mandate on minimum number of articles to be submitted within a specified timeline? I am keen to participate in this please, and be an active “guest” blogger on your site.

      1. Hi Ankita… had sent an email to you, with a trial cum first guest blog review. Please check and let me know if it qualifies.. then I’ll pursue this accordingly 🙂

  7. Good to hear that.Will you please list the further details as to who can/cannot participate,products/companies allowed/not allowed

    1. Hi Ritam, its open to everyone. As for products/companies, I wouldn't be accepting reviews of local brands that are not available anywhere else. I would be discussing which products are to be reviewed with each guest author so if you have a list of products that you'd like to review, please drop me a mail and we can take the discussion forward over mail.

  8. Hey ankita …. It's superb idea … I too want to contribute for our corallista…. Great happy news ..

  9. Hi Ankita,

    Kudos on the blog! I have been religiously following your blog since I first read your guest post on WedMeGood. I would love to contribute to your blog. Are you accepting Beauty Bag (Ipsy, Birchbox etc.) reviews at this time?


  10. Hey Ankita, that is surely some great news..Corallista is one of the few makeup blogs that I truly admire for the content quality. I am keen on hearing(reading) some new opinions on your site.

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