BIG Life Update : We are moving!

Hey everyone!

As I’ve mentioned recently during my blog sale, we’ll be moving soon and many of you had been asking me where. I didn’t want to say anything till things were finalised but now that they are, I’m happy to announce we are moving back to India in July! As much as I’ve enjoyed being in Tokyo, I do miss Mumbai very much and both my husband and I are excited to go back to Mumbai. As you can imagine, there is a ton of stuff to do here in Tokyo in the coming weeks before we move and even more once we are back in Mumbai but I’ll try my best to have something fresh for you to read everyday at Corallista.

As for the changes here, you’ll see a little more of brands available in India and less of Japanese products. I’ll hopefully be able to review new launches much faster!



Mumbai, India
Mumbai, India


Leaving Tokyo will be bittersweet. I’ve got to know the city well in my 1.5 years here and it is a beautiful place. This was our first home as a married couple and we’ll always have memories of Tokyo and Japan. It has been difficult in some ways, the language and cultural differences can be very alienating and that’s one of the reasons why Mumbai always felt more comfortable than Tokyo.

We are excited to start a new chapter in our life in Mumbai. I’ll do an update post when we are settled in!




  1. Woo…that’s great..I love u so much and a silent follower and fan of you from a quite a while now. I am happy that u r moving to India. Good Luck Ankita 🙂

  2. All the best for the move Ankita! I moved back to India from South Korea last year and it was bittersweet for me too. I can totally understand the frenzy. I am moving cities withing India in July too. There’s so much to do!

  3. Ohh my god….. this is very good news Ankita
    I love you.. And I am very happy to hear that you are moving back to India….
    🙂 🙂

  4. Wow grrreat news Ankita u r coming back to India.
    I know how u might be feeling sweet memories of home(india)and wonderful time u spent at a new home(Japan)…

    all happiness to come back home and leaving some memories back in a place u made urslf a home….
    Even I went through this phase once
    Surely going to miss u for a while on YouTube but its goin. to be great when u come back….
    Love u

  5. Welcome Home Ankita! I am sure you will love Mumbai as much as you loved Tokyo. After all it’s the company that matters the most 🙂

  6. That’s great news Ankita !!! I missed the frequent reviews of Indian products during your stay in Japan, although I must say u managed to have a good balance of product reviews from Japan and India. Good job done there !!!

  7. Wow Ankita! It’s the best news. Wish you great life in India.
    Being close to Nears n Dears is a wonderful feeling.

  8. Wow thats awesome.. I know how it feels since I would also be moving back from US to India in July .. 🙂

  9. This is great news Ankita! You’ll be back to your country! All the best for the future years of your life 🙂

  10. I love reading your blogs and watching your makeup videos… Good to hear that you are back and would be doing more reviews on Indian products…. All the best

  11. Wow that’s big news. I’ve heard Japan can be a very difficult place for expats – a pity, really, as they need the manpower, given their ever aging population.

    Anyway, wherever you are writing from, I’ll always come by and visit here.

    Good luck with the move!

  12. Welcome back to India Ankita, So happy that you will be in Mumdai, India now. And also happy that you will provide lots off Indian Brands 🙂

  13. Welcome home sweet heart… That's good u r cmng back to own country… Nw u will b more close to ur family…

  14. Mumbai is beautiful city having beautiful Arabian sea.. I love the coastal area… Hope u ll share the view of Mumbai also…

  15. All the best Ankita, my good wishes with you, I have moved a lot since I got married but its always good to go back and be with your family.

  16. Congratulations for your decision to go back! It will be interesting to follow you when you go to Mumbay! I have never been in India and I would love to learn more from another point of view! Good luck! 🙂

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