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Hey everyone!

I’ve been a bit busy with offline assignments lately and my health wasn’t doing great. Which is why things have been a little slow on the blog. But I plan to catch up on posts and videos this weekend! I got my hair colored at Jean-Claude Biguine Salon & Spa yesterday and this is what it looks like now. I wanted lighter ends, something of a balayage effect and the stylist used the newly introduced Wella hair colors for this.


Gold Smoky Eye - Indian Festive Makeup
Gold Smoky Eye – Indian Festive Makeup


Gold Smoky Eye - Indian Festive Makeup
Gold Smoky Eye – Indian Festive Makeup


I’m not sure about the end result. I don’t love it because the colors look too warm, almost a bit orangey and I wanted something a little ashier. The stylist did mention that because of the previous color, I had quite a bit of copper color in my hair which would make the new color look warmer. But I wasn’t expecting the orange 😐 I’m hoping it cools and lightens a bit after a couple of washes. But in its current state, I kinda miss my dark locks!


On another note, I quite like this gold smoky eye look I filmed recently (video will be up soon!) using the Revlon Shadow Links eye shadows. The eye shadows weren’t super pigmented but I used a couple of tricks to make them pop and the results are quite good! This is the second look in my festive makeup series and one of the more universal festive looks that you can work with any outfit!


Gold Smoky Eye - Indian Festive Makeup
Gold Smoky Eye – Indian Festive Makeup


What do you think of my new hair and this gold smoky eye?

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  1. Loved the eye makeup!
    I liked your dark hair a lot more than this one. Though the experimenting is also nice… I do hope you go back to dark hair soon though 🙂

  2. You are looking FLAWLESS! It is a little scary going in for something totally different with your hair but thank goodness that my Aunt is a great hairdresser! Hope you are doing well now! Oh! Love the eye makeup as always! xx 🙂

  3. I love your new hair!!! I think the warm tone really suits you, but I understand disappointment when it doesn’t look like how you expected. I love your eye look and hope you are feeling better! <3

  4. Your hair is looking nice, though of course a drastic new look takes getting used to. Personally, I will always prefer dark hair and I think I will go back to that soon :p
    Btw, you look lovely with a bindi 🙂

  5. Hi, Ankita. For the past few days I feel your pictures are way too lit up maybe because of the flash! the hair looks a bit orangy here but as usual you are looking great!

  6. Ankita,

    These bright colors added years as it makes you look more matured. The ashy streaks as you mentioned would have looked better I feel.

  7. ankita order purple treatment/ conditioner…washing won’t help it will only fade n make it worse…on Amazon order naissant leave on treatment in the red bottle (the other one is for blonde hair) leave in on for 20 minutes first time then 15 n then do it as many times as u need until u achieve the level u want! I love it no brassy hair for me ever!!

    1. Oh forgot to mention u gotta keep up with it whenever u feel ur color looking too warm…I do it once a month maybe u need it more often so just after the initial frequent two or three back to back treatments to maintain it u still have to do it… but I find I only need to leave it on for 5-8 minutes for maintenance…

      1. I’ve tried quiet a few purple treatments…the shampoos are useless n dry the hair out like crazy…this naissant one is spectacular the treatment never used the shampoo as I find them to be ineffective….this one leaves my hair sooo soft!

  8. I can totally understand what you mean when you say "orange-ey" and the balayage you may have wanted. You certainly should see a post on Kaushal's channel 'Kaushal Beauty' and the post is All about my Hair or something. She talks exactly why Indian hair turns orange-ish sort of and what to ask of your stylist and how to counter act on it. It's definitely not because you may have coloured your previously or something like that(I had never done and yet faced the same). It's just that Indians we've been blessed with different undertones to our skin as well as hair. You def should check that post out.

    However, I must say light hair does go well with you love. And hope you are feeling loads better now. The weather's on a roll though😊..

  9. You may also try olive oil to bring down the harsh orange tones..but yeah, that does take time. I did, and I thought would let you know 😊

  10. Hey , hope ur doing well now.
    Loved the eye makeup and lips <3 ..
    Eagerly waiting for the video specially for how to make those Revlon eyeshadows pop as I too have some shades..

  11. Hey Ankita! I love your eye makeup. Absolutely gorgeous. Waiting for tutorial.
    Hair colour as you have already mentioned ashy blonde would have been looked better on you.

  12. Hii Ankita,

    Next time you want to color your consider Placid in bandra or khar I think. They have a page on so you can check them out. He does hair for lot of celebs and they say no one understands hair color like he does. Do check them out

  13. I totally understand what you mean when you said about the orangey-ness.. Do check out a post by Kaushal of Kaushal Beauty on where she talks exactly about this issue and how to counter-act upon it. It is but very obvious that Indian skin and hair undertones differ and hence the orange-ish brassiness that has nothing to do with any previous hair color. I remember getting my hair colored and facing the same and being told the same even though I had gone in with virgin hair(not even a henna application).
    You may also try applying olive oil to tone down the hue. But yes it takes time. Worked for me😊
    And do take care. The weather's def on a swing these days.

  14. Though this color looks awesome on you but I think in a couple of washes it will settle down into something that you will like as well .. also love the eye makeup its spot on! 🙂

  15. I am waiting for the tutorial, planning to pair this look with my peach outfit… this karvachauth.

    Please plan a workshop in pune.

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