Easy Wedding Hair Styles : Tutorial (Video)


Hey everyone!

The wedding season is in full swing and here are some that you could try out at the next wedding you’re invited to. It only the right products to create a look and I’ve been experimenting with BBLUNT products in the past few weeks with really good results. These are beginner friendly hairstyles (I’m no expert when it comes to hair!) so I’m sure all of you would be able to replicate these at home!

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Easy Wedding Hair Styles - Tutorial
Easy Wedding Hair Styles – Tutorial


Products used in this video


1. // Rs 450

2. // Rs 550

3. // Rs 550

4. // Rs 749

5. // Rs 550




  1. Hey, which fuchsia lipstick are you wearing in this picture? I have been looking for a shade close to what Felicity Smoak frequently wears on Arrow as it just looks wonderful (of course, she is white and I am not, but still!)

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