NARS Laguna Illuminator : Swatches, Review


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I was reorganising my makeup collection last weekend and I realised I had a couple of NARS products which I hadn’t reviewed! NARS is one of my favorite high end brands and I bought a few products before moving back to India from Japan last year. One of the items I picked was the Laguna Illuminator. I had a tough time choosing between Orgasm (peachy gold) and Laguna and ultimately chose this.

Price : $30 for 30 ml (I bought it for JPY 3500)


NARS Laguna Illuminator
NARS Laguna Illuminator


NARS Laguna Illuminator – Review


The Laguna Illuminator by NARS comes in a clear tube packaging with a flip open plastic cap. It looks quite dark in the tube but on the skin, its a sheer bronze color with beautiful gold shimmer. This is a fantastic illuminator for people with medium to deep skin. It adds a natural bronzed glow to the skin with a hint of color so you can skip blush if you want to keep cheeks natural in terms of color. Its very light and thin in terms of consistency and doesn’t make my skin greasy. You need the tiniest amount and once blended over the cheek, it adds a slight bronze tint with a soft golden glow. While the shimmer is quite sparse in the formula and not very densely packed, it is somewhat visible on the skin if you look closely. I love the glow it adds to my skin but if you’re someone who prefers subtle illuminators, this may not be the one for you (try the MAC Strobe Cream instead). Since its a liquid-gel consistency, you can add a drop of this to your foundation or moisturizer as well for a beautiful warm glow. On fairer skin, it may need more blending work whereas on deeper skin, its just blends in with the natural skin color in a couple of strokes. You can use it on your body as well but its expensive so I’ve resisted the urge to use it as a body illuminator.

Its definitely a pricier purchase and while I do like it, I don’t think this is a must-have from the brand. You can get something quite similar from Inglot. I don’t have the Inglot AMC Face & Body highlighter (65) with me anymore so I’m unable to do a side-by-side comparison but you can see a swatch here.



NARS Laguna Illuminator
NARS Laguna Illuminator


NARS Laguna Illuminator
NARS Laguna Illuminator


NARS Laguna Illuminator
NARS Laguna Illuminator


NARS Laguna Illuminator - Swatch
NARS Laguna Illuminator – Swatch


Overall, I think its a very flattering illuminator for deep skin and a pretty glow-y liquid bronzer for light skin. The liquid-gel consistency makes it very versatile to use and a tiny amount goes a long way. It is however expensive and the visible gold shimmer may turn away people who prefer more refined illuminating products. I do like it mixed with my foundation for a warm glow but I don’t see myself purchasing this one again.

Rating : 3.9/5


NARS Laguna Illuminator on the cheeks
NARS Laguna Illuminator on the cheeks (as blush)


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  1. I used to have the Orgasm Illuminator but I didn’t like it much. This looks perfect though! I like that it doesn’t look too orange when blended out.

  2. I got the Nars Laguna bronzing compact powder as a gift on my birthday from my sister. But I`m definitely gonna try to get hold of this beautiful illuminator. Thanks for the review, just fell in love with this new product, when you first posted picture that you would be reviewing this.

  3. Oh I have a mini Copacabana and really like it! They just came out with the liquid Laguna which I want to try! I love the original Laguna bronzer so so pretty, especially with the Nars Yachiyo Kabuki brush they are match made in heaven! 😀

  4. Adding glow while mixing with bases is a good idea…but as you said its better to look for better versions at which are reasonably priced.

  5. You lucky thing getting this. Its been discontinued by reborn into a pump bottle that’s a similar design to the All Day Weightless Luminous foundation.
    Definitely a product I want!

  6. Hi Ankita, i like your reviews but why don’t you review budget friendly makeup products, you always review expensive products that most of us can not afford everyday.

  7. Hello mam!
    Can we expect a makeup collection video anytime soon?
    I geniunely love your reviews and makeup tutorials, how about some vlogs for a change?

  8. This is so beautiful and looks perfect illuminator on your skin !! But pricey and not easily available. I might check out Inglot ones 🙂

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