5 Tips for Beginners Anti-Ageing Skincare


With increasing stressful and unhealthy lifestyles, skin-ageing is becoming a growing concern for us. The first signs of ageing can start as early as mid-20s and it is important to identify these subtle changes in our skin and take the right steps to ensure healthy, youthful looking skin. While wrinkles appear much later, dryness and dull/uneven skin are the early signs that should alert you about the changing needs of your skin. I started noticing changes in my skin when I was around 25-26. My formerly oily skin began getting more and more dry patches and while the t-zone stayed oily, I noticed longer periods of dehydration which an oil-free moisturizer just couldn’t fix. Today I’m sharing my top 5 tips that can help ease you into a beginners anti-ageing skin care routine.




Tip 1 : Switch to a gentle face wash

Harsh face washes do more harm than good and switching to a mild and gentle face wash is one of the best things you can do for your skin! I prefer using gel-based, non-foaming face washes that don’t leave my skin feeling dry and stretchy. Avoid face washes that produce too much lather and check the ingredient list. Ingredients to avoid would be Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and ingredients to look for would be humectants like Glycerin that help retain moisture.


Tip 2 : Anti-ageing moisturizer + Sun protection

As my skin transitions from oily to combination, finding the right kind of day moisturizer became a challenge. Most anti-ageing moisturizers felt too rich and my usual oil-free moisturizers just didn’t feel nourishing enough anymore. When Olay launched their Total Effects Lightweight Moisturizer early this year, I was ecstatic as the texture was just what I was looking for. It combines all the benefits of the Total Effects range with a light, non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula that is works very well for the Indian skin type. According to Olay’s Multi Ethnicity Skin Study, Indian women have a weak skin barrier as compared to other ethnicities, which means retaining moisture is harder, making this product ideal for Indian skin and weather conditions. You can read my full review here.


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Lakme 9-to-5 Weightless Matte Lip & Cheek Mousse | REVIEW


Hi everyone! Lakme has just added a new product to their 9-to-5 lineup, the 9-to-5 Weightless Matte Lip & Cheek Mousse. This is a creamy, airy mousse that can be used on the lips as well as the cheeks. In look and performance, its similar to a liquid lipstick as it dries to a long-stay matte finish. And it works really well as a cheek tint too! Watch my video for a more detailed review and lip swatches of all the 10 shades.


Lakme 9-to-5 Weightless Lip Cheek Mousse - Coffee Lite
Lakme 9-to-5 Weightless Lip & Cheek Mousse – Coffee Lite


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NEW! Nykaa Black Magic Eyeliner


Hi everyone! Nykaa has recently launched their liquid liner and I’ve been trying it out these past few days. Priced at Rs 299, this liquid liner comes with a pliable brush tip which gives a lot of control and flexibility. The liner has a deep black color, dries fairly quickly and gives a long-stay, water-resistant finish. Watch my video below for more details. You can buy this online HERE.


Nykaa Black Magic Eyeliner


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2 Easy Hairstyles You Can Wear to Work


Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing 2 easy hairstyles for work that you can recreate quickly before you rush out of the door in the mornings. These hairstyles are effortlessly chic and neat, and look like you put in a lot of time and effort into them. I’ve used BBLUNT products which make styling your hair at home super easy. The first one is a Sleek Double-Pony that is ideal for day-to-day wear and really quick to create. The second one is a Textured Low-Bun that works perfectly for an office party.




Look 1 : Double Pony

  • I’m going to use the BBLUNT Back-To-Life Dry Shampoo on the roots to soak up the excess oil. I avoid shampooing my hair as much as possible, but two days post shampoo the roots tend to get a greasy and fall flat. The dry shampoo helps freshen up the roots and adds a little texture to the hair.
  • Shake the bottle well and spray the Dry Shampoo from a distance of roughly six inches from the roots. Part the hair in different areas to spray the roots evenly. Use your fingertips to gently work the dry shampoo into the roots.




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FOTD : Berry Lips, Messy Curls


Hi everyone! I’m usually one for sleek hair but I tried out a more textured, messy look today and thought I’d share the breakdown. In terms of makeup, I went minimal on the base, liner/lashes and concentrated on color – both on the cheeks and lips. I quite like how the final look turned out, a lot more natural and fresh. Read on further for the products used for this look.






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