Carolina Herrera Good Girl Fragrance | Review


Carolina Herrera Good Girl Fragrance


Hi everyone! Today I’ll be reviewing one of my current favorite fragrances – Good Girl by Carolina Herrara. This launched in India a few weeks ago and I was lucky to be able to attend the launch lunch and experience this beautiful fragrance prior to its launch. Since then, I’ve been wearing it very often and I’m quite surprised by how much I like this, particularly for evenings. This is now available in Parcos stores, priced at Rs 6800 for 80 ml. Also available in 50 ml packaging.


Carolina Herrera Good Girl Fragrance


About the fragrance : Good Girl promises an innovative and addictive combination of tuberose and roasted tonka bean, which represents the duality of a woman’s character. A floral wave of white Sambac jasmine and tuberose is placed in contrast with the mysterious and deep notes of tonka bean and cocoa.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Fragrance


Before we talk about the scent, let’s take a look at the stunning packaging! Shaped like a stiletto, this dark navy and gold glass bottle is definitely the most attractive perfume bottle in my collection. The eye is instantly drawn to the steep curves of the bottle and the contrast of the blue against the gold. The spray is located on top of the bottle and blends so seamlessly into the design that you barely see it. The bottle is made of heavy glass and I quite like the luxurious heft of it. It comes in an elegant navy and white box with a velvety finish and gold borders, it looks so nice that you wouldn’t want to throw it out! The design conveys the mystery, sensuality and femininity of this fragrance.


Carolina Herrera Good Girl Fragrance


Carolina Herrera Good Girl Fragrance


The scent is distinctly floral with warm, deep notes of tonka bean and cocoa to add a richness to it. The white florals are so velvety and elegant, very unlike a lot of floral perfumes which can often be too saccharine. There is a sweetness to it but its very understated and grown-up. I am not someone who goes for floral scents (unless its rose or has some fruity notes with it) but this scent is beautiful! Its not too heavy or overwhelming but its definitely on the more intense side and stays well for 5-6 hours on me, after which its still detectable if you sniff close to the skin. On clothes, this lasts quite long till you basically wash it out.

The florals in this scent are jasmine and tuberose, and they’ve been done exceptionally well. Offset against the depth of the tonka bean and cocoa, the result is a very sophisticated floral scent that that has a luxurious and expensive feel to it. The idea behind the fragrance is that every good girl has a naughty side as well, hence the contrast of the sweet, white florals against the bitter cocoa.

This is a beautiful fragrance for winters and for evenings, it makes you feel elegant and very feminine. Since its a bit on the richer side, its not something I would recommend for summers or for an office environment. But for special occasions and evenings, this is perfect and something I would be reaching out for quite often this winter!


Carolina Herrera Good Girl Fragrance


What do you think of Carolina Herrera Good Girl fragrance? Is this something you’d like to try out?

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  1. OMG!!! Bottle is to die for..!!!!! I love floral fragrance but this is beyond my budget right now..This is surely in my wishlist…. 🙂 🙂

  2. I tried this at Lifestyle, it was too sweet for my liking but I literally died after seeing the packaging… I will try sniffing it once more coz I am in love with the packaging.

  3. i love how you can just tell from the packaging that it’s going to be a sexy fragrance haha.. as a rule i prefer lighter fragrances but i do like the sound of this one very much and i think a girl should always have a ‘date night’ perfume up her sleeve. i havent sniffed too many perfumes with cocoa as a major note so i’m quite intrigued. love these fragrance reviews 😀

  4. OMG the packaging is gorgeous!! CH does the best fragrances and my all time favourite is the Black xs once which also has Cocoa as the base note..Absolute love! The pics looks stunning 🙂

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