HAUL : Amazon Beauty Makeover Store


HAUL - Amazon Beauty Makeover Store


Hi everyone! The New Year brings a fresh, new start and just like everyone else, I find myself thinking of resolutions, especially pertaining to beauty since this is such a big part of my life. One of my beauty resolutions this year is to pay more attention to my skin and hair, and be more mindful of the ingredients in the products that I use. Using clean, green, natural beauty products is one of my resolutions this year and I recently picked up a few products from the . Amazon is my go-to platform for all beauty, lifestyle and home care needs and the specially curated stores that Amazon started last year have been very helpful in picking out products by season and trends.


Here are a few things about the Beauty Makeover store that I found helpful.

  • Focus on skincare as the first step. The first category you see on the page is skincare. Almost everyone wants to focus on healthy skin after an indulgent few months of festivities and party season so this is very helpful.
  • Product curation based on skin type/need. There are clear categories for different skin types and needs like oily skin, dry skin, damaged skin, sensitive skin etc., which makes choosing products very easy.
  • Haircare regimes based on hair needs. Whether it is hair loss, dandruff or frizzy hair – there are solutions for everything and they’re easy to locate, thanks for the way the store has been organised.
  • Makeup Trends for a beauty makeover. Amazon has decoded the makeup trends for the season and you can easily choose the right products based on the look you’d like to experiment with. There are metallic nails, colored liners, stained lips and all-purpose palettes to choose from.
  • Grooming for men. The beauty space is largely dominated by products as well as advertising aimed at women. With the growing emphasis on male grooming, it’s nice to see products for men included in the Makeover store.
  • Luxury skincare and haircare. For people who like to splurge on skin and hair products, the quick links to luxury skincare and haircare are very helpful. Brands featured are Forest Essentials, Kama Ayurveda, Dermalogica and L’occitane.


HAUL - Amazon Beauty Makeover Store


Overall, the Beauty Makeover store is a great way to pep start your beauty routines with healthy skin care and hair care routines. With easy to navigate categories and pages, you can easily find products that address specific concerns that you want to concentrate on in the new year. It also decodes the top makeup trends which is helpful in choosing products to experiment with a new makeup look, which can be as simple as using a colored kohl instead of a regular black one! You can check out the store .

Now coming to the products I chose from the store.
I picked up the following products from the Beauty Makeover store. All of these are from brands that focus on natural ingredients and botanical extracts.


HAUL - Amazon Beauty Makeover Store


– Rs 1225
I have been having a lot of headaches since some time now and using oils has become a very important part of my routine. I’ve been using oils from other herbals brands like Iraya and Kama Ayurveda and I wanted to try something from Forest Essentials as well.


– Rs 799
I never realised Biotique had perfumes till I stumbled upon these through the Amazon Beauty Makeover store. They had 6-7 variants to choose from and I went with Sensual Jasmine as it had pretty good reviews. This is a lovely floral, a bit on the intense side but smells really sensual and feminine.


– Rs 120 (after 20% discount)
I tried sheet masks back when I used to live in Japan and they’ve worked well for me. Since hydration is a big issue for my skin at the moment, I decided to try the Hydrating face mask from The Face Shop which contains hyaluronic acid. The brand has just launched at Amazon and all the products are at 20% off!


– Rs 1752 (after 20% discount)
I was on the lookout for something that can fill in the gap between cleanser and moisturizer, with a hydrating effect since my skin has been very dehydrated this winter. I tried this out and I love the gel consistency, so much more moisturizing than an average toner or essence.


The Faceshop the Therapy Moisturizing Tonic Treatment


– Rs 715
I’ve tried plenty of makeup from Natio in the past and since I wanted a nice glossy lip balm for day-to-day wear, I thought of trying their Lip Shines. This comes in a tube so its very easy to apply and it feels very soothing and moisturizing on the lips. Its a bit on the sticky side but I don’t mind that since that ensures it stays on the lips for a while. The shade Faith has a slight purpl-y tint and also contains some fine shimmer.


– Rs 175
I love face mists and always carry a small one in my bag. Since my current one by Forest Essentials was almost over, I thought of trying the Vetiver water from Kama Ayurveda. This one has a very earthy, root-y smell and the size is perfect for travel!


– Rs 395
And lastly, I picked up the Cascade moisturizing day care lotion which is a lovely, rich moisturizer for normal to dry skin. It keeps my skin moist and hydrated throughout the day!


HAUL - Amazon Beauty Makeover Store


What would you like to pick from the ?

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  1. Your resolution will be helpful for us too as our skin has more preference.
    I want you to do some diy packs for hairs.
    I liked the natio lip gloss and will try it.

  2. I have seen your every video related to skin and hair care and I found them effective and good. From beauty makeover store I’ll buy skin care kit and hair care kit and “If your skin is good and hair is good u look younger and beautiful”

  3. Amazon is my favourite online shopping website to buy anything and everything! Please do a review of just herbs day lotion, would love to try it after your feedback on it!

  4. 🎆🎉I🎆🎀really❄🌈want❄🎆that☃⛄lip balm🎇🎋…!!!⚡🎊✨❄🎆🌈actually I want all the products..🌈🎆❄….😂😂😂

  5. Nice Haul,.. I need to stock The Faceshop the solution Hydrating Face Mask,.. Please do a review on Kama Ayurveda Pure Vetiver Water.

  6. This curated Amazon store looks like a great resource. I have made one of my resolutions to focus more on skincare, so this is definitely something I will keep in mind!

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