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I am a beauty enthusiast from India, newly relocated to Mumbai after 1.5 years in Japan. I started this blog in January 2011 while pursuing my Bachelors in Technology at IIT Bombay to share my love for makeup and beauty with the online community. You will find product reviews on makeup, skincare and occasional hair/body care products on this blog apart from Makeup Tutorials, Looks, Celebrity Makeup breakdowns and a little bit about my life outside of makeup.

I coined the term ‘Corallista‘ inspired by the Coral rage that had taken the beauty world by storm when I founded this blog (it happens to be one of my favorite shades when it comes to makeup)! What started as a hobby soon grew into a passion and upon completing my engineering degree in 2012, I have devoted myself full time to building Corallista as a one-stop destination for beauty lovers looking for comprehensive reviews, looks and tutorials online.

I have naturally dark brown eyes (but I wear colored s most of the time), black-brown hair and fair-to-medium neutral skin tone. I love playing with color and you will find me reviewing products and creating looks from all colors of the spectrum! I love red lips, metallic neutrals, smokey eyes, corals and hot pinks.




You can me at [email protected]gasite.info for any makeup queries or PR related requests. I will answer all queries and requests as soon as I can. If you would like to request a makeup tutorial or a product review, you can email me your requests.



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  1. Hey Ankita, I must say thats really inspiring.. I too discovered Make and Beauty Blog while i was hunting for help regarding my acne(acne marks rather) problem. Can u please tell me how did u get rid of acne and its marks? It’ll be of great help. Im 20yrs old and have Combination to Oily SKin.

    1. Hey Sruthi! I tried a lot of things to clear out my skin form acne. I still have slight marks though and I’m still looking for a solution to that. Here are some of the things that helped me-
      1. CTM routine- Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing.
      Products I used- Cleanser : Cetaphil cleanser, Lotus herbals tea tree face wash.
      Toner : Lotus Herbals Basiltone, Fab India tea tree toner, Biotique Cucumber toner also has great reviews.
      Moisturizer : Lotus herbals Alpha moist oil free moisturizer, Neutrogena Oil free moisturizer(did not suit me that much- was not hydrating enough)
      I also used The Body Shop tea tree oil day cream and blemish fade night lotion and it helped in reducing breakouts and clearing marks to some extent.
      Lotus herbals tea tree acne clearing gel also helped a little in reducing the pimples though it did not live up to its claim of completely clearing my skin in 2 weeks.

      2. Lactocalamine lotion on top of moisturizer for its healing action + it acts as sunscreen

      3. Home remedies : Massage with olive oil for a few minutes. Follow up with face pack of multani mitti+neem powder+turmeric+rose water/toner. Do this 2-3 times a week. I found it very effective.

      4. Food habits and exercise : Have a diet rich is fibre..eat lots of vegetables and fruits..at least 3 servings everyday and drink 3-4 litres of water. Exercise for some time every day or every alternate day.

      5. I also took a homeopathy medicine by the name ‘Berberis Aquifolium’ and along with all the above points, it helped it clearing my skin.

      Hope this helps 🙂 If you find any other remedies for clearing out marks, please do share with me.

      1. Hi Ankita i am 21yrs old and i am getting severe breakouts. I also use Berberis Aquifolium. I can’t understand how can i apply moisturiser and use toner after using this medicine. Can you please suggest.

    2. I am a new subcriber to your channel – really like your videos and reviews.

      Where do you get these products by Bobi Brown and PAC in India? Are they in stores on only online.


  2. Heyy thank u so much.. that was quite informative.. 🙂 here’s what i have been doing as of now..
    Face-wash: Himalaya Neem Herbal face wash
    Toner: Biotique Cucumber toner
    I do not use a moisturizer.. since i have Oily skin im too scared to use it. Though I use Body Shop Aloe vera Gel instead of moisturizer.
    When im off to work, I use Lotus White glow creame gel.
    And finally Olay Night cream.

    I’m too lazy, but still i make attempts to use Multani mitti+Honey pack at times 😛

    1. You must use a moisturizer! When my skin started giving me trouble, the first thing I did was stopped using moisturizer and instead putting more powder to blot the oil but it made it worse. No matte what your skin type, you MUST use a moisturizer. You can use Lotus Alpha moist oil free moisturizer or something from Oriflame. They have a lot of options for oil skin and their skincare range is really good. I’ve just started using Mulberry and Vit E lotion for oily skin from Oriflame and its quite good. I would suggest you don’t use any thick creams as it might be clogging your pores. Use light moisturizers. I’ve never tried Olay products..is it good? I was also advised to use Vit E capsule on my face for the night for the scarring but I stopped using after some time because it was too messy.

      1. I’ve just started using Olay night cream like a few days back..as of now it seems good.. I’ll give u the review in a few days..About the moisturizer, I’ll definately try the Lotus Oil free one.. Oh and yeah, I had also tried Vit E capsule.. but I just couldn’t take the smell.. Its too stinky. I was wondering, how about using Vitamin E cream as moisturizer??

        1. The Vit E capsule is quite messy but its quite concentrated so I don’t know if the Vit E cream would be equally effective. I tried Fab India Vit E day moisturizing cream but it was a little heavy for my skin. It gave my skin a very noticeable glow but in 2 days it broke me out. It might suit your skin though I don’t think it’ll suit oily skin esp in summers.

  3. Hey ankita,..like u i also got acquainted with this fabulous work of Make up and style through iMBB.whn it cums to make up / fashion before joining IMBB was total blank..:P…and thru u guys and ur reviews, got to know about various products and style..i got to knw abt ur blog thru IMBB only and would like to follow it for more reviews and suggestions tht i post..:)..but i m not fyniding FOLLOW button in ur blog…so how can i join ur blog site..?? do let me knw..take care 🙂

    1. Welcome Preeti ! I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog and finding useful info abt makeup here. You could subscribe to my blog via email. Just enter your email address in the space provided on the home page, hit the sign me up button and confirm the subscription by clicking on the link you will receive in your inbox in a few min. Everytime I post something new, you’ll get a mail of my post in your inbox.

  4. Hello Ankita,
    Please add me on to your subscribe list.
    I have a query. Can you please suggest me a good cleanser, toner (should not be too expensive for my pocket) and a moisturisor? Am normal skin and sometimes prone to ache, but not too much.
    My daily skin routine…i wash my face with the soap and thats all…nothing else. In case i do make up…i just massage with almond oil and then wash my face with soap.

    1. Hi Dhanlaxmi,
      I’ve added your mail on my subscribers list. You’ll receive a wordpress mail , just follow the instructions given, click on the link provided to activate your subscription. The first thing I’d like to say is please do not use soap on your face. Soaps contain a lot of harsh chemicals which are not suitable for the delicate facial skin.
      My recommendations for your skin type would be-
      1. Cleanser : Cetaphil cleanser (Rs 130). It is a medicated cleanser that I’ve been using for a long time now. You’ll find it at any medical shop. Just massage your face with a little bit of the lotion and then wipe it off with a cotton ball or wash with water. It is very gentle on the skin and cleans effectively. I use it to remove my makeup as well.
      2. Toner : Since your skin type is normal, you can use simple Dabur Gulabari rose water (not the facial mist one, the regular rose water). If you don’t want to go for plain rose water, you can try Lotus Herbals Basiltone (Rs 185). I’ve used this one for a few months and found it gentle and refreshing on the skin, especially if you skin tends to get a little oilier in the summer.
      3. Moisturizer : Since you’re blessed with normal skin, you have a lot of options. I’d suggest a light moisturizer cos its summers and the skin doesn’t require too much moisturization in the day. You can try Lotus Alphamoist moisturizer (Rs 180-200). It is oil free and hence won’t clog your pores. I’ve used this one also and found it quite good.
      These are the products that I’ve tried myself and liked. Some other ones that I’ve not tried but read good reviews about are face washes from Lakme fruit blast range and Cetaphil moisturizer (Around Rs 230-240). Also, I’d suggest including a sunscreen(very imp!) for the day and a night cream in your skin care routine. You can try the night cream from Lakme fruit blast range and Lotus 3-in-1 matte sunscreen.
      Almond oil is really good for skin and you can massage your face with it few times a week but after massaging remove the remaining oil by using Cetaphil cleanser or by applying multani mitti on your face.
      Hope this helps 🙂 Let me know what you purchase and how the products work out for your skin.

  5. Hello Ankita,

    Its very nice to see your reply and and i very much appreciate your suggestions.
    a) Cleanser, i think i will go by your words for Cetaphil
    b) Toner – I have rosewater from Dabur i think. I have not dared to use it so far, but will use it. (My regime all these days was, wash the face by soap, which i use for the body and that is it) But i see paraben in this gulabgel..so i was bit hesistant. I tried using gulabgel on the cotton pad and then putting them on my eyes….i felt refreshing but i had a bit of burning feeling on the eyelashes. so i discontinued.
    c) Moisturisor…as of now i am not using any except Fab India’s Vitamin E depigmentation cream and topping up by Fab India’s Vitamin E Sunscreen SPF 30. now that Depigmentation cream is getting exhausted…i want to look for a Moisturisor which has spf also in it….do you have any suggestion or should i go for Lotus one!!!

    Ankita, please do suggest me a good night cream as well!!!

    thankyou so much…..i got the invite for subscription and i am on it.

    with best regards,

    1. I prefer using sunscreen separately. You can definitely go for the Lotus 3-in-1 matte sunscreen. I can’t do without it everyday! You could continue using the Fab India cream if it suits your skin well. But if you’re really keen on moisturizer with SPF,the moisturizers from the Lakme Fruit blast range contain sunscreen, you can check them out. I’ve heard good reviews about plum one. Also night cream from Lakme fruit blast range is very good.
      Hope this helps 🙂

  6. Dear Madam ,
    I am 52 year old man and with lots of wrinkles and baldness .If you have any suggestions or any experienced remedy or cure pls send the same to me
    Good luck for your new venture
    Take care

    1. Wrinkles and Baldness are part of the ageing process and here are a few things you could do to control the deterioration of skin and hair-


      Massaging with a oil is the simplest remedy for not just wrinkles but also pigmentation and dryness. You could use-

      1. Mixture of almond oil + castor oil + olive oil and Vit E oil.
      Vit E oil will help in restoring the elasticity of the skin. You can simply crush some Vit E capsules meant for oral intake(they come under the name ‘Evion’) and mix them with either one or all the oils mentioned above and massage your skin with it for a few minutes, leave it overnight and wash off in the morning.

      2. Mustard oil (Sarson oil)
      Massage you face with this for a few minutes before bath and then wash it off.

      You can use the same combination of oils mentioned in point 1 for hair also. Massage, leave overnight and wash it off in the morning. You can also ‘Arnica’ hair oil or ‘Bringaraja’ oil for massaging hair.

      The most important part is not the product but the regularity and consistency with which you use the remedy.
      Hope this was helpful 🙂
      Thanks for commenting!


  7. hey stumbled on to ur blog and am mighty impressed. I have aquery and hope u can give me an answer. Im 33 yrs old and very careless about my skin. No moisturizers, sunscreen etc and so not surprisingly my skin looks dull and lifeless. I want to change things and was wonderig if microdermabration is a good way to start. do u think it works? pl let me know.

    1. Hi Sheba,
      Microdermabrasion does work but since you’ve not been taking care of your skin. I suggest you start with some basic skincare routine first. As soon as possible, start with a CTM routine. CTM is cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Identify your skin type- Is it dry, oily, normal or combination. Based on your skin type buy some basic skincare products- cleanser/face wash, toner , moisturizer and a sunscreen. Since I don’t know your skin type I cannot suggest you products right away except for cleanser and sunscreen. For cleanser you can use Cetaphil cleanser (will find it at any medical shop) and Lotus 3-in-1 matte sunscreen. I use both these products and like them very much. You can pick up Lotus or Aroma magic toner/moisturizer for your skin type. Once you are in a regular skin care routine for a few weeks, then consider treatments like micro-dermabrasion. Hope this helps 🙂

  8. Hey Ankita ,
    Just ran into you blog and found it incredibly handy. Wish u could help me out .i am a 21 year old girl having a mixed skin type ( that gets oily during summers and dry during winters). Neither am I much aware about do’s and don’ts associated with skin care , nor do I specifically have any routine besides putting up a sunscreen before going out .My prime problem are the blemishes on my face and dull skin texture. There is assortment of products that I tried off-and-on but it didn’t quite seem to compliment my skin tone. Pls suggest an optimal schedule/solution…

    1. Hi Piyu,
      my skin type is similar to yours- mixed skin type with problem of blemishes. I’ll be doing a post on basic skin care for beginners in 1-2 days which you’ll find useful. For starters, since you do not have a set skincare routine yet, its best to start with the basic Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing(CTM) routine. Apart from this, always always ALWAYS use a sunscreen on your face even when you are in the house. Apart from skin care, you need to take care of your diet also. Ensure that you drink at least 3 litres of water daily and at least 2 fruits and some salad everyday- you will notice a change in your skin tone within 3-4 days. Since it is summer-monsoon transition season, your skin wud be a little oily right now and maybe a little tanned also from the sun exposure. My recommendations for products for you to start with wud be-
      1. Cetaphil Cleanser (for sensitive skin)
      2. Lotus Herbals tea tree oil face wash
      3. Lotus Herbals basil tone toner
      4. Lotus Herbals alpha moist oil free moisturizer
      5. Lotus Herbals 3-in-1 matte sunscreen SPF 40

      For your blemishes and dullness of skin- you can use a few home remedies. What I personally do is- I’ve made a mixture of neem powder, multani mitti, turmeric, orange peel powder and rose petal powder and stored it in a small container. I just mix some rose water in it and apply it on my face every day. You can also add curd to this mixture and apply daily or 3-4 times a week. This helps take care of blemishes (due to presence of neem powder) and controls oil (multani mitti). The orange ,rose petal powder and sandalwood add radiance and lighten blemish marks.

      If you’re willing you spend a little more you can try The Body Shop tea tree oil blemish fade night lotion.

      A few dos and dont’s for skin care-
      1. Use CTM routine at least twice a day- in the morning, before bed time and another time when you come back from somewhere outside/dusty.
      2. Do not use cheap, bad quality makeup especially on the skin.
      3. Always remove all makeup before sleeping.
      4. Do not pinch or burst pimples on your face- this’ll just spread the bacteria to the entire face.
      5. Do not use scrubs or exfoliation in your face if you have pimples.
      6. Keep your skin clean and hydrated- use light moisturizer even if u have oily skin. Use products meant for your skin type and use them REGULARLY.

      Hope this helps 🙂 If you have any queries, feel free to ask me.

      1. I have started a regular CTM routine with the above suggested lotus products…. Plus I have added Lotus’ ‘micro emulsion’ and ‘Nutranite night crème’ in my daily regime. Its too soon to see results though but its been around 2 weeks now but its definitely managing the problem of dullness…. 😀 !!

        1. Thats great Piyu!! 😀 I’m also using the micro emulsion these days and like it. Keep me updated on how your skin feels in the coming days with regular use of the products.

  9. absolutely..! infact its d whole of Lotus ‘WHITEGLOW’ product line that i’ve switched to..(as i luv every single lotus artifact ) including yogurt-oatmeal f’wash n intensive serum ( just been couple of days)…. il let’ya know how it works out fo’ me.

  10. Hi Ankita ,
    once I was looking for a good, easy make up tutorial I was saw your channel and from thn I became a regular follower of ur blog.so thanks a ton.
    I am 28 now. I regularly maintain the ctm regime. but as i am on my way to 30s can u suggest me a good moisturizer .normally i use rose toner nd alovera gel.sometime a scrub too.
    my biggest problem is freakles on my face. i am having a normal skin type.can u suggest me a good foundation which can give a coverage but not look cakey.
    I went to doc he suggested me a laser treatment. can u suggest me over this …
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Sayoni, you do not need laser treatment for freckles. Its natural and normal to have freckles so don’t worry about them. These days there are makeup tutorials on how to fake freckles as well! You could include a serum and night cream in your routine. I quite like the Olay moisturizers and their Total Effects night cream would be a good starting point. What is your budget for foundation? If you would like something easily accessible and affordable, the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless foundation is good.

  11. Dear Ankita, some of your pictures are being used in a wrong way by the internet.
    I emailed you the details, hope you’ll look into it at the earliest.

  12. Hey ankita..
    I hv seen ur tutorials on YouTube.. they are awesome.. so as uh..
    Beautiful lady..
    Keep posting such videos..☺😊😊😊

  13. Hii Ankita!!
    I am in need of help regarding my hairs.I have natural curly hairs which is very much frizzy and has volume in it.I need to wash my hairs after every 2 days to keep it normal.I just cannot leave my hairs without oil otherwise it gives it more volume and becomes more frizzy and rough.It takes enough time to manage this type of hair.I need to comb it atleast 2 times a hour to keep it manageable.Some friends of mine have suggested for hair smoothing and hair rebonding treatment.I want my hairs to become manageable and have less volume,I want my hairs to be natural straight.

    Kindly suggest me which will be better for my hairs.Plz suggest me some good salons in Mumbai for the same.

    1. Hi, you can try something the Keratin treatment at Lakme Salon. Its a little less harsh than rebonding, won’t give 100% straight hair but will relax and smoothen them. Rebonding gives lovely straight hair but its also a bit harsh and leads to hairfall in later months.

  14. Ankita,
    I was shocked to see that your face is being used for a whitening cream ad on one of the sites I regularly visit to watch movies online. I thought of informing you about this right away. Please dont let them get away with this, if they do not have your permission (which is blatant from the way they have advertised the product).

    I found the ad on http://fmovies.to I clicked on the ad and found a website that even lists a testimonial from you but with a different name. Here is a screenshot of the ad. https://postimg.org/image/puqu4k2hh/

    I have watched some of your Youtube videos, love your voice and your humility. The Radiance people must be really ashamed for doing this.

  15. Hi Ankita I love love loveee ur videos thanks so much for stating this blog I mostly purchase products only after watching ur review n it has totally worked for me … wud really like to meet u n Dora someday

  16. Hi Ankita some news with your pics of instant whitening of skin is publishing in most of Indian news websites with other people…is it true ? I think you should be cautious with pics

  17. Hi Ankita,

    I’m 28 and i’m very careless about my skin. I have combination to dry skin with acne marks. Pls suggest an optimal schedule/solution.

  18. Hi ankita,
    I loved watching your vedios..😘❤
    You are so beautiful..👌❤love you 😘
    I am 21 years old..
    I am a student+teacher..
    I want your suggestion for myself..
    My skin is very oily.. because of which i have got pimples and pores on my face..please suggest me for skin..
    And my hands have goten tanned alot..i use nivea lotion for this..
    Can you suggest me better..
    Also as i am teacher..please can you suggest me everyday no make up look…my profession doesn’t requires so much of make up..
    Please also mainly suggest smudge proof kajal and nude peach lipstick which is affordable and easily available in India..
    Thank you in advance 🙂🙂

  19. Hi Ankita,
    I really like all your videos. They are really awesome. I have thick dark circles which I think that’s hereditary I tried almost everthing to get rid of it.Can you please suggest a good and budget product to get rid of dark circles completely.

  20. Hey Ankita! I just love your blog. Your reviews and suggestions are so honest. Now I trust your reviews so much so I buy anything you recommend without thinking. However busy I might be but I always get time to watch your tutorials. Love you lots:)

  21. Hi ankita,

    Hope you r doing well..

    I m 25 year old working girl &my skin type is mixed nose area is too much oily. want a complete suggestion for summers to avoid tanning and dullness. Specially for morning how to follow and what to follow the complete routine.

    Thanks a ton for your videos. and bless you..

  22. Hie Ankita,my name is Sadiya, i love ur work and hv been following u for quite sometime now. I hv loved makeup from my childhood bt never got ne opportunity for pro makeup courses or pro ideas abt it. So nw, After a long thought of one year i hv finally decided to go for a pro makeup course here in mumbai. But m confused in 5 academies. I need ur help to pick the rite one as i dnt wana put a big amount in a pithole. Kindly advise me on the same. Where can i post my choices?

    1. Hi Sadiya, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I’m not very sure about which makeup courses are the best here in Mumbai. I’m entirely self taught and haven’t taken any courses. The one academy I’ve heard good things about is FAT-MU, many MAC artists take their training there. Hope this helps!

  23. hey ankita! just wanted to know if you can share some remedies for stubborn dark circles.I am 21 year old suffering from really bad dark circles I’ll be glad if you can share any,thanks in advance..

  24. Hey Ankita. I’m25 years old. I have oily skin. I have acne problem I have dry hair and dandruff in my hair. Can u please tell me how did u get rid of acne and dndruff hair? It’ll be of great help.

  25. Hey Ankita, first of all, love your blog 😍

    I have combination skin, and get dry patches with the foundations I’ve tried. I also have acne and blemishes. Can you suggest me a good foundation?

  26. your blog is fantastic, really enjoyable as well as nicely written! thanks for your informative reviews, really helpes me out. compliments and big hug from vienna/austria

  27. Hi ankita

    Ur videos has really gave me courage to apply makeup. They are easy and quick. I have mixed complexion and my age is 31 yrs. I don’t have any acne but the skin gets really dry after the wash. I love ur eye make up. I tried it many times but doesn’t come out the way u look.

  28. Hi ankita i love your makeup videos. Your work is great. Even i want to adopt makeup line as my career. I want to learn makeup professionaly. Iam from delhi. Please suggest?

  29. Hi ankitha i love to watch you videos i ve subscribed to your channel in you tube too.. i have a combination to oily skin wear i ve shining part at my T zone and i sweat much can you please suggest me which moisturiser and sun screen best suites me ..
    I use neutrogena drytouch spf 50 but its too heavy

  30. Hi Ankita,
    I m in love with ur skin and eye makeup.
    I m inspired by u n ur skin, beauty n care.

    I m Nishkala from Bangalore, I would like to ask for skin care routine for my skin.

    Age: 25yrs
    Skin type: oily to combination sensitive skin( Dry in winter)
    Complexion: wheatish brown

    I m getting married next month. I need a solution for below concerns. Plz plz plz help me out…

    My routine :
    Face wash: previous: Acmed ( doc suggested for pimples)
    Now: Lotus tea tree face wash( from 2 days)
    Sunscreen: UV NEX( doc suggested)(Need to change as treatment is completed now)
    Patanjali aloe vera gel as a night cream.
    Just started using: Maybelline BB cream( from 2 days)

    1. I had pimples earlier now cleared a lot but having pores on my ( max on cheeks ) and getting oily by noon: need a cream or serum to rectify
    2. I ve uneven skin tone & blemishes; Suggest me some thing to make it even bright and fair.

    3 suggest me some daily routine easily available products budget friendly.

    4. Makeup products with the brand for regular and occasional wear.( pre marriage and post marriage function)

    ** Some known beautician suggested Kryolan Derma Color cake Foundation n powder for makeup.
    plz advice me…


  31. Hey ankita, hope you are well!
    I have recently-ish started watching your videos and i love them.
    Even I did my DDay look based on your videos and yes i am newly married. But ever since i moved from Pune to Kolkata i am really facing some serious problems with my skin. I have a very dry skin throughout with (recently discovered) bit of ageing line . I am 26 and working. I have tried so many products and home remedies, each of them turned out completely waste of money and time. I will be truly grateful if u could suggest me a skincare routine.

  32. Hi Ankita….how I can take care of my skin for everyday …my have is normal type of skin…Nd how prevent my skin from acne and pimple….

  33. Hey Ankita, warm greetings from a fangirl.
    I watch all your videos:)
    Firstly, Here am writing to you hoping you can help me out with some solution. Am 28, having an oily wheatish skintone with acne scars on my face from last 6 years. i tried so many home remedies as well as was getting treatment done from KAYA(it did not help me) so i discontinued. Further once i took keratin skin whitening treatment it worth my skintone has brighten a little. Since a year am struggling with open pores and trying something or the other to overcome to normal skin. I do follow CTM basics everyday. Just coz am having oily skin I don’t try much on cream products it leaves my skin sticky so I see to it go for lighter serums or gel based which get dissappear into the skin.
    Secondly, Am addicted to basic make up everyday like a primer, foundation, compact powder, blush, kajal and ofcourse Lipstick. As nowaday I could see some many advanced make up tutorials have come up but still it is difficult for to try my hands on contour,highlighting. Am not unable to this. so I request you to please look onto this 🙂 🙂

  34. Hey ankita, hope you’re well!
    I have recently-ish started watching your videos and I love them.
    Even I did my DDay look based on your videos and yes I am recently married. But ever since I moved from Pune to Kolkata I am actually facing some serious problems with my skin. I have a very dry skin throughout with (recently discovered) bit of ageing line . I’m 26 and working. I’ve tried so many products and home remedies, each of these turned out entirely waste of money and time. I will be truly grateful if u could suggest me a skincare routine.

  35. Hey Ankita! Due to carelessness I never used sunscreen n my skin was dull n freckels appeared near my cheek part nose somehow! I consulted doctor and he advised me to go for Qswitch n prescribed some facial products like facewash sunscreen eye cream. I took 4 session of Qswitch but still I have spots n freckles. As its a laser treatment, my parents are quite tensed about it n they r not allowing me.. So pls help me to get rid of this tanned skin and these freckles n dark spots.. I’m 23 yrs. Have mostly dry skin so pls help me..
    N u r my make up guru.. Whichever look of ur I watch,I want new products n collection of lipsticks.. Now somehow I knw most things abt make up.. STAY BEAUTIFUL N STAY HAPPY. LOVE U😘

  36. Hi ankita,
    I’m 33yr old and have dry skin with little pores along with dark undereye patches so please let me know good CTM products for daily use along with undereye cream.
    Please do the needfull

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