Dermalogica IonActive Treatment : Review


Dermalogica Ion Active Treatment


Hi everyone! About a month back, I visited the Dermalogica offices here in Mumbai to try out their IonActive Power Treatment. If you’re not familiar with the brand, Dermalogica is a US based brand that offers targeted and effective skin care, free from common irritants and breakout causing ingredients. The brand focusses on skin health, which is why a lot of their products are recommended by dermatologists and used by professional skin therapists.

The IonActive Power Treatment is a 45-minute service that is designed to address predominant skin conditions such as acne, dehydration, sensitivity and skin ageing. It is offered exclusively at approved Dermalogica Partnered Salons/Clinics by licensed professional skin therapists. If you have serious skin concerns that your neighbourhood salon doesn’t have the expertise to address, I would recommend this treatment. 


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Fun Saturdays Vol.92 : 5 Random Things


L'Occitane Roses Et Reines Rose Originelle Perfume


1. How was your week?

It was good. One of the things I’m happy about is that I could exercise all through the week. I have been slacking off for a long time and its good to work out a little everyday, even if it is just walks around the neighbourhood.


2. When was the last time you tried a new perfume?

I tried out a new one earlier this week – L’Occitane Roses Et Reines Rose Originelle. Its a lovely rose scent, very light and fresh. It may be a little sheer for some people but I personally quite like it. I will be reviewing the whole collection soon.


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Makeup Look : Bright Magenta Lip (Quick Look)


Hi everyone! Now that I’m back to work after a week of break, I’m slowly easing myself into wearing more makeup. I wore very little makeup when I was visiting my parents so jumping into elaborate looks seems too time consuming! I’ve been doing quick, easy looks the past few days. The easiest look to do when you want something quick yet striking it a bright lip. You can pair this with just kajal, thin liner or a winged liner. I personally love a winged liner as it lifts my eyes and always looks elegant.

This is the look I created today using the in Magenta Magic as the focus of the look. Read on for the full list of products used.


Makeup Look - Bright Magenta Lip


Makeup Look - Bright Magenta Lip


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Nykaa HAUL + 24H Vinyl Luxe Eyeliner Review


Hi everyone! In my recent giveaways, many of you shared feedback for improving the content. One of the things I was asked to do more of was hauls and edgier makeup looks. Nykaa had an amazing sale earlier this month and I bought lots of new makeup items. I’ve talked about all the products I purchased along with swatches in my .

Nykaa has launched 3 new eye liners and I’ve reviewed their on my channel as well. Its a black matte liquid liner, with a firm felt tip, and a long-stay water-resistant formula. I’ve also experimented a little and shown you 3 different looks you can create using this liner. Hope you enjoy these videos!



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